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released September 2, 2016

Leo Wyatt (KINDER) - All instruments, Vocals, Production (All Tracks) & Mixing (Track 6)
Ben de Vries - Mixing (Tracks 1-5), Co-Production (Track 1)
Teresa Origone (teppa) - Keys (Track 4)
Magnus Thomson - Mastering (All Tracks)



all rights reserved



songwriter/producer SE LDN
Lapsang House

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Track Name: Light
isn’t it funny how we fall in love
like a freight train with no brakes
all the questions that we’re thinking of
don’t ask them we don’t want no heartbreaks

there is something for us
I can see it with my own eyes
waiting for ya in the darkness
you brought me into the light

try to take my time but I can’t hold back
I’ve been waiting for perfect moment
just before the feeling fades to black
you give me those eyes now i’m jonesin'
Track Name: Spirit
don’t let it get to your head

don’t talk to me about spirit
i’ll burn longer than your drink
don’t talk about commitment
cause i’m committed to my dream
you say i ain’t got a vision
but i don’t see you struggling with me
you say I ain’t got no passion
well I sell my passion on CDs

what’s the point of talking money
when you don’t pay me anything
where’s the sense in signing contracts
when your intelligence is paper thin
there’s a difference between you and me
I can see it so clearly
you walk around in your big boy suit
whilst I’m here making ends meet
Track Name: Abounded
who knew how powerful words could be
when you knocked me out for all to see
so kind and kept your trust in me

an angel sent down from above
screaming my name with abounded love

they say it's just a game made for two
but I lost my mind and conscience too
so why do I still dream of you
Track Name: Stone Cold feat. teppa
stone cold
just another girl with no soul
ice queen
lives her life inside the small screen
tear apart another heart just for fun
she’s a marble
statue standing right there in front of me

ask her friends what it means
and they don’t know
take a picture in the moment
she won’t grow old
there’s a face behind the mask
hiding pain and memories
waiting for the moment
to let it all out to us

it took a while to work you out
but i’m so glad i did
cause I don’t want to spend another minute with you

her soul is laid out bare when she hides from us
the bottle that she drinks from is nearly gone
Track Name: Keep Me Up At Night
you elevate me higher than I’ve ever been before
higher than a skyscraper
white clouds in my view
I can’t take my eyes off you

day dreaming out loud
your voice singing round and round
so sweet on my tongue
skin so soft you keep me up at night

your face is drawn
like the curtains in my room
mouth open wide
giving me light

the sweetest kiss
the softest breath
stuck in a memory
of you and me

I’m swimming out
of view
with you
and honestly
I cant believe
it’s happening
Track Name: So Real
I couldn’t love anyone like I love you
it’s just little things that you do
you gave me a reason to live my life
ain’t ever had a feeling that felt so right

it’s a little silly how it makes me feel
and I don’t question anything
cause I’ve been waiting all my life
for someone like you to appear
then you came flashing in my eyes
like a thunderbolt
and I’d been wasting my life
writing songs about no one
now I have a reason to write something real
this feels so real

I read every message that you send to me
cause the words that you write are the words that I need
I see you every time I close my eyes
with a smile like that I don’t question why